We moved to Glendale, Az from Vernal, Utah in 1976, where my folks went to work as property managers in a 300-unit mobile home park. That was not a fabulous job for them, they went through so much crap, I even had a brick thrown through my bedroom window once, I slept through the whole ordeal.

Every day there would be at least one eviction, so every evening as a 3-year old kid, I'd be sitting on my Dad's lap, learning the art of disassembling and rekeying doorknobs and deadbolts. That went on for 8 years, but I think I stopped sitting on Dad's lap when I was 6 I think and took a more respectable position at the table.

The city thing was getting to be enough and we started to explore North Arizona, finally deciding on Heber and buying a 1.6 acre lot at the edge of the forest for a mere $8000. We had a shell cabin built in 1981, and when jobs opened up at a new Whiting gas station in 1984 we jumped on it and moved right up.

Ugh, I'm writing a novel here. To shorten the story, later in life I spent 9 years working in hardware stores in Overgaard, with one of my duties as the resident locksmith, which threw all that much more into my experience of repairing and rekeying locks. 

In 2010, the local locksmith shut down and moved out of town. My little lightbulb went off, I was getting kind of sick of the hardware store thing. By 2011 I was the proud owner of A & J Lock & Key, which is pretty much just me, my pickup truck, 50 pounds of various tools, and 200 pounds or so of lock parts. 

Being in business for 7 years now, and with all that other experience, it's cake to me now. I don't do automotive work, and I try to avoid weird stuff like vaults and other random locks that I've never heard of or seen before.

So, if your door locks aren't working properly, do look me up. I'm no carpenter, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for doors that aren't closing right, they tend to sag over time and don't close evenly, and then the locks don't hit their mark properly, I do have fixes for that.

My rates are very reasonable, about half the national average. Drop me a line and we'll talk about it!